Wedding Photography Styles

Dan Eitreim

July 21, 2015

Classic / Traditional Wedding Photography
Traditional wedding photography was, up until a few years back, the only type of photography available! Consisting of lots of posing with various family members it’s generally seen as a little ordinary and dated.

However, there will undoubtedly be many members of your family, if not yourselves, who would want a traditional picture to hang on the wall or put on the mantlepiece.

The problem with these sort of pictures is the time and organisation it takes on the day, which inevitably distracts you from your guests and the good time everyone is having. For larger and extended families this can inevitably lead to stress on your wedding day – something that you’ll want to avoid!

Personally, I try to keep these to a minimum, capturing the important family shots, but trying to keep them upbeat and fun.

This aims to capture more of the mood of the day, taking pictures of you and your guests interacting and having a good time! This is less obtrusive and can get great results, the problem being that the images may not lend themselves as much to a traditional style wedding album.

This style has become increasingly popular in recent years, with images being stored digitally. I’ve found that most couples will either not have an album produced, or if they do, will rarely sit down and look through it, instead opting for viewing pictures on their computers, tablets or digital photo frames.

My job, however is to create a story of the day and hopefully capture some of those special, magical, one-off moments!

Contemporary Style
This, by its nature, is difficult to define as a style – as it tends to change with the times!

The aim of this type of photography is to create stunning images that are more idealistic in nature. Usually accomplished by whisking the happily married couple off on their own to get some intimate and more ‘fashionable’ pictures.

These pictures should look stunning and really make the most of the location, the dress, the weather, lighting, etc, etc. Done well, you will have an image looking like it’s straight out of a wedding magazine!

There are a few fashions ‘in vogue’ at the moment including a soft, vintage look which is achieved by emulating a cross processing technique (where you’d develop film using abnormal chemicals) to give a dreamy, deliberately old-fashioned result.

Like I said in my introduction, most wedding photographers will draw a little on each style. I am no different in that respect. You will get some traditional ‘posed’ images although I like to keep these as informal as possible, along with some stunning, romantic images of the bride and groom. The rest of my job is to tell the story of the day through informal, documentary style images. I will try to capture all the guest and all the important parts of the day!

It’s all personal choice as to the style of the day. You are the client, and it’s my job as photographer to create the perfect memories for you.

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