Wedding Photography Lighting: On-Location Lighting

Dan Eitreim

August 23, 2015

Photographs are perhaps one of our most cherished objects; with a few basic photography lighting tips, you can create personal treasures. Our pictures hold memories, emotions, and history. These days taking incredible photos is not the complicated process that it used to be, in fact, with a very small investment and a few quick tips, you can create beautiful and timeless images.

Lighting is one of the most important aspects of how a final photograph will look. Therefore, it is worth taking a few minutes to learn how to use it most effectively. One of the most common mistakes that people tend to make is taking pictures on or against a reflective surface. This is what causes that bright burst of light that was not intended for the photo. There are times, when for creative purposes, it can be very interesting to incorporate that light. Holding your camera on an angle of 45 degrees will eliminate the reflection of light onto your photos.

If acquiring a sense of romantic essence to your work, then using dimmer or softer natural light can be your best ally. If you are unable to capture the light you were hoping for then try using candles and buffing your flash with a very thin material to give you that same result. Remember that light which is diffused will provide your finished product with fewer shadows than that of bright light.

Dramatic landscapes and other scenery can be greatly enhanced by the use of shadows. Here is a time when using a very bright light will allow you to play with images. Do you want to have some mystery in your photograph? Using shadow in creative ways may determine whether you want a lot or just a small amount. You can be in control of the lighting all you need is a few basic pieces of information.

Remember that having the sun behind your image is going to result in a photograph with more detail. Photography is a fun and creative activity. Whether you are a hobbyist or just after the best photos you can take, remember to use these simple photography lighting tips to capture a moment for all of time.

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