Wedding Photography Contracts

Dan Eitreim

August 7, 2015

It is so very important to make sure that you read the fine print in wedding photography contracts. This contract is legally and binding once signed and with it, you will find all sorts of details that you may not have even though of. There could be a limitation on the number of rolls of film the photographer may use or any number of other possible limitations. Make sure that you also go over the contract completely with the photographer.

Sometimes these wedding photographer contracts allow the studio to send out any one of their photographers and the last thing you want is to spend the time interviewing and deciding on a photographer and end up having another person from the studio show up. You want to know this because it can and does happen.

Remember that it is the photographer’s job to freeze your wedding into a series of pictures that can be viewed for the rest of your lives. If the photographer is not as good as you wanted or if the studio changes them at the last minute, you could find yourself regretting the choice of studios every anniversary that passes by.

Take the time to ask questions and make sure that you listen. When it is all said and done, then go back through and read the contract as best as you possibly can and if anything looks out of place, ask about it before you sign it. Just as you can take a photographer to court if they mess up the wedding pictures, they can take you to court if you breech the contract so make sure you know all of the terms and stipulations.

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