Video Mode and Canon Camera Settings

Dan Eitreim

March 28, 2015

Canon’s Powershot cameras have been extremely popular in recent years because they make it incredibly simple to take professional quality pictures. Owners range from mothers who want to document the growing years of their children’s lives to professionals who want something light and easy to carry on the go. The Canon Powershot SX120IS is the recent offering from the brand, so where does it stand in today’s market?

The Powershot SX120IS camera offers a lot of power with 10 mega pixels and a 10x optical zoom. It also allows more control for users by featuring an image stabilizer that can steady the image even if the hand is not so steady while shooting. It is designed as a pocket camera that is lightweight and easily transported wherever you go.

This camera is also designed for ease of use with a nicely lit display window and easy touch button controls. While it does still feature some of the manual setting capabilities that will attract more experienced photographers, it also features a wide variety convenience features, which makes it easy for someone with absolutely no photography knowledge to use it as well.

That is essentially what draws consumers to the Powershot line of cameras in general. The idea that they can turn it to the Auto feature and take beautiful pictures without thinking about settings and lighting is very attractive to people who want the pictures without taking time for those issues.

Besides that well loved Auto setting, the SX120IS also features an Easy mode that makes it even simpler. In this setting there is absolutely no thought required as you simply turn it on, point, and click when the image is lined up appropriately.

The biggest complaint against the Canon Powershot SX120IS is that it is powered off AA batteries, which of course do not last very long in such a powerful camera. This is a common problem with all cameras that operate off standard batteries, but it is fairly easy to fix if you purchase rechargeable batteries. The most reliable solution is to have two sets of rechargeable batteries so one set is always ready to go.

What consumers tend to really love about the new SX120IS camera is that it takes professional quality pictures with bright, clear images but it is not difficult to use. They like having the security that each picture is going to look its absolute best, whether they took the time to set the manual settings or just stuck it on Easy and let the camera do the rest.

Since the Canon Powershot SX120IS sells toward the lower end of the retail market, it is quite surprising to see that it does take such beautiful photos. It is a testament to the development of technology when you see a pocket-sized camera that delivers such high quality photos.

When you purchase the Canon Powershot SX120IS, you get everything you need to take pictures right out of the box. This includes a memory card, ISB cable, wrist strap, and complete instructions for setting it up, powering it on, and taking beautiful professional quality pictures.

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