Unusual Wedding Photography

Dan Eitreim

September 20, 2015

One way of documenting your love’s journey is to have your engagement pictures taken. There are many unique ideas for engagement photo shoot, and here are some that you can use.

First dates. Your first dates play a most special part in your relationship. It is when you’ve tested waters, decided to give your relationship a try, and most importantly, get to know each other. These moments are exclusive to the two of you. Think of one special moment were you both have a good laugh on your first date and find a symbol that you can remember together. For example, if your first date was on a heavy rainy day, you can make your engagement theme photography using umbrellas and boots and a little splash in the mud.

The sacred place. This place may be an exclusive place for the two of you. No, not the bedroom! It could be that special place that you go together often. It may be a park or a little hill with a special tree where carved your initials together. This will tell a lot about your personalities and special emotions that reflect your love. You can also have a picnic for two; sit on the swing or cuddle under the tree and star gaze under the bright night sky.

Where you got engaged or a trip destination. This is also a cool place to have your engagement photos taken with. You can both relive the special moment when you got surprised and he popped out the question. There’s also probably one place where you both wanted to go or have already gone to. If you went to the Himalayas or to an Asian beach paradise, you can contact a photographer to take your picture there again. Not only will it be memorable but the scene and background will be perfect. Consider a photo shoot amidst the yellow field of flowers, cool skyline or a shimmering street light at night. Don’t forget to add personal, relaxed feel during the photo shoot so that the photo will turn out perfect.

Hobbies. There are things you both enjoy together. These may be hobbies or recreational activities that are good for your relationship. Having a hobby together will help you grow in your relationship. For an engagement photo shoot idea, consider a sport like basketball or cake baking or playing music together. What’s really important is that the hobbies that you portray in your photos are also the hobbies that reflect your personalities.

Anywhere beautiful and unusual is perfect. If you can’t think of any place, try choosing somewhere you have both have a soft spot on the place. You can have a photo session with your dog or cat and play around with the theme you’ve chosen. The beach or the mountain may be a good place to choose from. The nature and the wild are also some great places. Oceanside photo shoot are also fun where you can play with the water and just be yourselves.

Whether you want it whimsical, retro, action-packed, or colorful engagement photo shoot, the most important thing is to find a theme that fits you both as a couple. Candid shots always give nice touches where you can also goof off, make faces, laugh and play with each other. Remember, you are in love, ignore the photographer, and just enjoy the photo shoot!

T. Jacobsen is a professional photographer who loves to share his ideas about Wedding Photography. To find out more Wedding Photography Tips For Brides, check out Creative wedding photography.

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