Understanding Digital Photography with Bob Krist

Dan Eitreim

February 19, 2015

Here is a quick article that will cover a few of the beginner basics in photography. They sound simple, but the form the foundation to every photograph you will ever take. It is highly worth the time and effort to use them.

First – Most of us put our camera on automatic and never move the button again! Why? The camera is a machine, It is not capable of considering creativity and what options will improve your photos. They are ONLY concerned with getting an exposure that will properly expose for the center values in a photo and will use a shutter speed that is fast enough to cut down on camera shake and blurry images.

Knowing this but still wanting to get creative images, we must take our camera off automatic. There’s the rub…few of us understand what all the switches, knobs, dials and menus on our camera actually do.

So, grab your camera and the manual that came with it (you know, the one you threw in the junk drawer and haven’t seen since). Start on page one and learn everything on that page until it is almost second nature – then go to page two and so on… You will be stunned at how much you learn about photography with this little exercise. And it’s free.

Second – Once you understand how your camera works, now it is time to learn a bit about composition. Learn about “the rule of thirds”, Diagonal lines, leading lines, framing and so on. Here is another tip that doesn’t require and new investment in equipment and you’ll see an instant – dramatic – improvement in your art.

Third – Do it!

It doesn’t help you to get better photos if you just read about the various techniques and never practice them. You can’t learn this by osmosis, you have to actually practice to master them. Plus it is fun – after all, taking pictures is what we got the camera for – isn’t it? And getting really great, dynamic, “wow” factor, images just makes it even better. Give it a shot!

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