Tips for Glamour Photography : Photographing People

Dan Eitreim

February 22, 2015

As more and more magazines hit the shelves, and as more and more fashion websites are created, glamour photography becomes increasingly popular as an industry. If you want to give it a try then you may want to keep the following tips and tricks in mind.

Of course, you will first have to study basic photography in order to get a firm grasp on and a deep understanding of photographic composition and lighting concepts. Once you have these basic requirements you will have to choose a specific style that you want to work with. Glamour photography involves a wide variety of photographic styles, and you will have to choose one that you are comfortable with. Once you have chosen a style, innovate on it until you succeed in creating a way of doing things that is uniquely yours. This will become your trademark in the world of glamour photography.

Now that you have your style, you need to learn how to choose your model. You will have to choose a model with whom you are mutually comfortable because no matter how beautiful a model is, her shots will never look good unless she is totally comfortable with you and you with her. Having good rapport with your model will also allow you to give more focus to the technical details of your shots.

These technical details include the mood that you want to project in your glamour shots. Composition, lighting and focus should all be made to work towards projecting the desired mood. To get the desired effect, it is very important to meter correctly and never lose sight of the end result of your shots. It is best to get your light meter readings off of your model’s flesh rather than her clothing. Remember as well to constantly check through the lens and ensure that your model does not move away from the metered light or move out of focal range.

Bear in mind that glamour shots are mostly about the model and very little else, so it is often a good idea to fill the frame. If your model takes up only half of your picture, your shot will most likely be ineffective in capturing the exact mood that you are looking for. This does not mean, though, that you should ignore the background. The background, in fact, can often make or break the glamour photo. Therefore, while the focus is necessarily kept on the model, you should always make sure that the background works with her rather than against her.

These tips should get you on your way towards becoming a great glamour photographer. Pretty soon you should be able to compose an attractive portfolio that will encourage more models to work with you and ultimately bring you financial success.

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