The Ultimate Digital Camera Online Photography Course

Dan Eitreim

February 19, 2015

When it comes to ease, convenience, price and many other factors – online photography courses have many advantages over taking a conventional classroom course.

One advantage we don’t often consider is that since you can take an online course at your own pace, you are guaranteed to understand everything! If a concept is giving you a challenge, go back over it as many times as it takes. If you already know a certain area – or are able to pick it up quickly – you can zoom ahead. In a classroom setting, if you just don’t get it, all the other students will quickly become frustrated with you if you keep asking the instructor to repeat certain areas. If you already know a certain subject, waiting for the class to catch up can be very irritating.

With the challenges of finding (and paying) instructors for advanced or specialty courses – and then finding enough students to fill the class can become an issue as well. Therefore it is often difficult to find the specific course you are looking for. Online, since it is delivered digitally, there is no classroom size requirement and you can sign up any time you want – not just at the beginning of a semester.

Plus, with the speed and ease of changing courses, the online offerings have a better chance at keeping up with the cutting edge concepts and equipment.

One area of online courses that is a bit of a drawback for many of us is the lack of the interactivity with other classmates and since you are on your own, it requires a bit more motivation to complete the course.

All of photography is a balancing act. For example – if you use a certain f-stop, then you may not be able to use the shutter speed you want – or vice versa. The available amount of light may not be enough (or may be too much) for the result you are after, and so on… A good course, whether online or in the classroom should show you several techniques to use to arrive at any certain goal.

Handling your subject… If you are into fashion photography, in addition to a thorough understanding of photo techniques, you will often be dealing with high strung prima donnas and a good grounding in how to handle people is important.

If you don’t like dealing with people, you may want to put your energies into doing still life photos or landscapes. In each of these areas, how the subject is lit and composed is vital. You may want to devote extra energy to those areas.

Ideally you should shoot your pictures in raw format so you can later make photo editing corrections without losing and quality. Photo editing can be a very complex, expensive area and the better job you can do at learning basic photo concepts and getting the image “in the camera” the less editing you will have to do. Then you can spend your time shooting photos – which is what we all got into photography to do – and avoid spending the hundreds of hours many amateurs spend on their computer trying to fix their images.

While it is possible to learn all these concepts on your own – many do – by taking a good photo course you can literally chop years off your learning curve. Before you know it, you too are going to start winning photo contests.

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