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Dan Eitreim

January 29, 2015

Attractive fashion poses are crucial for successful photographs. The measure of objects governs us in the arrangement or use of the hands. The measure of the object may be its physical weight, its value, its texture, significance – any attribute which has a bearing upon its material being or inherent meaning.

Many factors dictate the manner in which a hand will contact or display an object… for the touch must be appropriate.

The weight of an object is significant when the viewer has a pretty good idea of the effort required to sustain its weight in comfort. When a picture shows this weight handled in its proper degree, we accept it. If it does not, we appraise it further and perhaps criticize it.

A model cannot strain to maintain grace while holding something heavy nor can she overpower a fragile object. Weight must be depicted realistically unless you want a comic effect or some dramatic position that will attract attention.

Each object must be considered in the light of its import. If the import of the object is its value it may be either of a pecuniary or sentimental nature. A dime store locket, received on a birthday, may be held with as much care as a diamond, but certainly they would both be held differently than would a paper clip. When a rose is held sentimentally or softly … we feel it… and agree. If it is clutched, we are astonished and look to see why.

Handle all picture properties with care in acknowledgement of their full weight or import.


are used by both model and director to achieve greater meaning and believability in their pictures. The novice avoids the use of hand sand is unsure of the fashion poses it can take, while the skilled model and director appreciate them and relegate them to their duty with two questions:

… What must their action or position add to the picture?

… How can they do it best?

Hands talk. They can whisper secrets the mind is thinking or they can shout out messages they want the world to hear.


seek to attract attention with a blatant gesture or cliche attitude that speaks in the place of a word or phrase. Hands can tell what a person wants (three.. .four…), what the person is doing (hands folded in prayer), how they feel about a situation (two-finger ‘ V for Victory sign from World War II), a state of mind (palms flung up … ‘I don’t know!’) and many other gestures and symbols that speak as plainly as words.

These signs are universally understood. The hand has expressed itself unmistakably. When the hand must be forceful in its message, be sure it rings clear by using the message most commonly associated with the idea the hand is expressing.

Vociferous hands belong in the foreground since their primary intent is to catch the eye. They must talk emphatically to the viewer!


speak in more subdued tones … but they are heard. Their message may be:

ornamental and carry the line or design to a significant direction or termination. By repetition or unusual patterns they assert themselves without fanfare and aim to please the eye.

Functional and occupied in useful action. These hands go truthfully about their business in a natural way whether in grace or awkwardness. Functional hands, busy and unconcerned with the camera, are the delight of the photo-journalist whose alert eyes are always looking for and rejecting the exaggerated hand and the idealized hand. Functional hand positions are based upon truthful possibility and can be posed in either deliberate or controlled-candid technique (though those who do either, will not readily admit it) as long as the finished picture finds them ultimately believable in their functional duties.

Interpretive and meaningful. Their action is significant in substantiating expression in the rest of the body. Their gestures are vibrant in revealing character and mood. Through changes of position, viewpoint and tension, they help the viewer understand the emotion of the person involved. They combine, at times, with the functional group but may have outbursts of expression themselves.

Help your model to use her hands in attractive fashion poses to suit the photograph you wish to take.

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