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Dan Eitreim

August 14, 2015

Many think of photographic portraits as being like the photos in their high school yearbooks, just a smiling face against a bland backdrop. They’re more like passport or driver’s license photos only ideally more flattering with the subjects a bit more dressed up. Even when professionally taken at a studio, many photographic portraits come out much the same way with the subjects appearing stiff and frozen in place and really not reflecting anything more about them than their physical image at that moment in time.

These are the types of portraits one can get at the mall photography studios that offer quick sessions at low prices. They are usually better quality portraits then those taken by amateurs at home since they have the equipment, lighting, and photography skills to give the portraits some quality and interest. Some studios have more talented photographers who have the ability to get their subjects to relax and enjoy the process for more natural looking results.

A great portrait photographer has the skills and instincts to not only take high quality pictures in terms of lighting, design, and technique but also capture the essence of the subjects in a way that can only be learned through years of experience and, arguably, a natural gift. The resulting portrait isn’t simply an external image but a story of the subject whose personality shines through. Those viewing the portrait don’t see a picture or a simple image, but a real person with depth and complexities.

If you are looking for a portrait of yourself, your children, or your family that truly captures the story you want the portrait to tell for years or generations of memories, choose a talented photographer whose work accomplishes those goals.

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