Street Photography with Mirrorless Cameras

Dan Eitreim

March 27, 2015

Taking photos is not new. The first permanent image was taken way back in 1826. Over the subsequent decades several important discoveries led to improvements in photography techniques, but the most significant discovery or invention was the development of the digital camera.

Digital cameras only became commercially available as recently as the 1990’s. But they have been revolutionary for the field of photography and especially for freelance photographers.

The biggest advantage with digital cameras is that you can check the images you have taken before leaving the scene. Using the camera’s LCD screen or viewfinder you can check the photo’s exposure, lighting and composition, and then shoot the photo again if necessary.

Another big advantage is the ability to manipulate the image after it is taken. Brightness, contrast and colors can all be adjusted.

Combined with the power of the Internet, digital cameras enable freelance photographers to easily work from anywhere – and more efficiently than ever before.

Digital cameras have had such a big impact because they allow you to:

– see a shot immediately after it is taken, and shoot it again if necessary

– dramatically reduce the time from taking a photo to seeing it in print

– take as many photographs you want at no extra cost because there is no film involved – the images are stored electronically.

As if that were not enough reason to “go digital”, digital cameras have also done away with dark room techniques that were time consuming and could be damaging to the photographer’s health due to the use of potentially toxic chemicals.

Over the past ten years the resolution of digital cameras has greatly improved and now there are many digital cameras that are able to produce large, high quality images.

As a result many professional photographers have made the transition from SLR film cameras to advanced digital equipment. And freelance photographers are no exception. They have quickly caught on to this new technology too, realizing that digital cameras combined with the power of the Internet allow people to operate a freelance photography business from anywhere.

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