Street Photography Settings (for beginners)

Dan Eitreim

January 23, 2015

It is definitely not very hard to start out and become great at digital photography. Yet it is an undertaking which you cannot allow yourself to stop learning in. There is always something more to understand. Photography is not just something we have been doing for the past century, it relates back to composing paintings. This resource will show you the basics you can then implement when you shoot your first digital photographs!

First rule for anyone wishing to learn and understand digital photography a bit better, is to read the handbook that was delivered with your digital camera. Yea, yea, there really are some worthy tidbits of information worth reading in that thick book, i promise you that! Digital cameras are made with a frightening variety of tools and settings to help new and pro photographers alike shoot special photographs. Of course, those features are only of use if you know how to find and make use of them properly!

If you want to enjoy the process of taking photographs, you need the right tool for it. When you are beginning with photography, you could begin with a compact digital camera and when you are deciding to become a professional photographer, you should probably think about purchasing a DSLR camera.

As you probably already knew, photography is an art form and you need to advance your skills to make it better. For example, you can participate in workshops, read blogs or buy a photography book to learn the in and outs of digital photography. But in any case, remember to use your camera whenever the opportunity arises.

One of the best ways to understand the limits of your digital camera is to experiment with it regularly.

As your photographs are saved digitally, you do not have to be worried about buying film. The maximum wastage can only be battery juice which can be recharged.

Capture your subject with different modes and check which mode is better. At times capturing a picture under bad lightning with the flash turned off is better than setting the flash on.

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