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Dan Eitreim

July 30, 2015

Photography is an art practiced by many, but mastered by privileged few. Clicking the perfect picture is not as easy as it sounds. Light, background, shade, and most importantly, the subject – everything has to be in perfect order for a picture to ‘click’ with its target audience.

In the past, photography was cultivated as a hobby or matter of passion. But, nowadays, it is mostly used as a source of income generation. And, why not? Commercial photography has grown by leaps and bounds; with photographers raking in the moolah big time.

The world of a commercial photographer is not limited anymore. It encompasses every sphere of life that can be clicked and represented to the world. Some of the most popular photography categories have been discussed here.

Advertising photography – Comprises photos that are shot for marketing of products or services. Entrepreneurs usually hire advertising agencies for this kind of photography.

Fashion photography – Involves photographing models for the glamour industry. Extremely popular and lucrative, this form of photography is mainly used in fashion magazines and newspapers.

Still life photography – Depiction of inanimate objects that can be either natural or man-made. This kind is the delight of many a commercial photographer.

Portrait and wedding photography – Mainly used for weddings and other special occasions. Individual photographers or agencies are hired for this purpose and photographs are made and sold directly to the end user.

Crime scene photography – Involves clicking photographs on the scene of crime, such as robberies and murders. Mainly used by police or investigative authorities, it plays a big role in judicial judgments.

Photojournalism – It is all about photographing for journalistic purposes. Broadly known as editorial photography, it is mainly used for documentation of a news story.

Apart from the aforementioned fields, a commercial photographer can also indulge in photographing wildlife, landscapes, food, fine art, et al. If you are planning to get into this domain, choose the field that interests you most.

Jack White is a specialist in Advertising photography and other kinds of photography. He has worked in close coordination with many an expert commercial photographer of UK and other countries. In his works he is presenting some of his observation on the role of commercial photographer in advertising photography.

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