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Dan Eitreim

September 8, 2015

It is an amazing time to be interested in photography. Through advances in technology, we now have so many great tools at our disposal that it’s our imagination that is now the biggest limiting factor in creating great photographs.

With so many colorful subjects to photograph and automatic cameras and editing software providing simple one-touch adjustments, does it make sense to take boring black and white photos? This author says, yes!

Quality, features, and options are plentiful when it comes to digital cameras.Full featured point and shoot camera that are loaded with shooting modes and big sensors are very affordable.

Without any film to purchase, no processing to pay for, we can view and edit any photo mistakes before committing to any printing. Color printing can now be done conveniently and affordably at home with ink and paper that will last for many years.

Despite these factors, black and white photography is actually experiencing a comeback. Amateur and professionals alike are rediscovering the power and timeless nature that black and white images can create. I’ve listed 5 reasons to use black and white photography in stead of color.

Top 5 reasons to use black and white:

I encourage you to explore several ways to convert your color photos into black and white. It should never be done in camera by using a camera setting. You can never go back and add the color back in if it is not recorded by your camera when you take your photograph.

Even simple editing programs usually include a black and white conversion option. Just remember to save your photo by renaming it, so that you will have both the color photograph along with your black and white. Enjoy adjusting contrast and brightness to give different effects. Sepia “toning: is a black and white option that adds a warmer or brownish tint.

An added benefit of viewing and studying black and white photographs is that you will develop an eye for the importance of bright and dark areas of your photographs as well as texture, patterns and qualities of light.

Happy Shooting!

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