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Dan Eitreim

January 24, 2015

Whether you want to take your digital photography to the next level, create stunning visual designs or create original works of digital art, there is only one computer program that everybody’s talking about; Adobe Photoshop.

Do you want to remove those ugly power lines from your otherwise perfect nature shot? Do you want to add Uncle Jim into the wedding photographs because he couldn’t make it? How about seeing what your bedroom walls would look like in a different colour before you go out and buy the paint?

If you can think of it, Photoshop will let you do it. It is the industry standard image editing program that that you can use at home.

Some common uses of Photoshop:
· Remove scratches, tears and stains from old scanned in photographs
· Add text to photographs
· Correct the lighting and colours
· Add or remove people and objects to or from your photographs
· Apply stunning filters and effects to your photographs
· Give your best friend’s wife a beard

OK the last one’s a silly example but can be easily done!

After installing and opening up Photoshop you’re confronted with an understated blank screen featuring a menu along the top and a toolbar down the side. There’s no indication of where to start and because it’s made for professionals you probably won’t recognise a lot of the commands if you look through the menus.

While it has enough features to keep the professionals happy, it also has a learning curve to match. It’s not the kind of program you can just dive into and pick up easily, if you’re going to get anywhere with it without getting completely frustrated, you need someone to show you the ropes. Read on for tutorial recommendations.

After learning just the basics you’ll be amazed at Photoshops power, and you won’t have even scratched the surface of what it’s capable of. Some of the things you’ll learn to do will simply knock your socks off and in no time at all you’ll be known amongst your friends as a photographic genius!

Photoshops true power comes from the interaction between its features. A lot of the more advanced effects can be achieved by combining numerous fairly basic procedures, giving rise to almost limitless creativity, not just in terms of photograph manipulation but in terms of image production from scratch.

Students, professional designers and photography enthusiasts who have got to grips with Photoshop don’t know how they lived without it. It’s one of those seemingly magic programs that you couldn’t have conceived before seeing it!

It cannot be stressed strongly enough that you get some kind of training in Photoshop to avoid disappointment. One to one real life teachers are extremely expensive because they are professionals and are quite few and far between.

The best way to learn Photoshop is from a recommended, trusted, tried and tested source. Tutorial videos by professionals that you can follow along at your own pace are the fastest and easiest way to unlock Photoshops secrets. Follow the link at the end of this article to see one of the current best selling tutorial products that guarantees to teach you everything you need to get started!

Have fun with Photoshop, don’t give up on it, put in the effort and you’ll reap the rewards. It’s a huge program but you shouldn’t be intimidated by it. Follow the link below to learn how to get started with a product that will blow you away!


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