Shooting Wildlife Photography: Chris McLennan & Nikon on Shooting Wildlife in Africa

Dan Eitreim

April 24, 2015

People serious in their photography hobby need different types of accessories to achieve the best images possible. The accessories will depend on the area you want to specialize in. This could in be portraits, landscapes, wildlife, underwater and people.

If you’re the adventurous photographer and you love to take photos of wild animals in action or wildlife in general, there are certain digital camera accessories that you can use to capture great photos. These are the necessities that you need to bring along for a more rewarding photography experience in the wild.

A cable release is important particularly when shooting long exposures. This tool also allows you to capture photographs with sharper images. You will have to use this with a tripod, though, to achieve best results.

Bringing extra storage device is a must. You’ll never know how engrossed you might get when shooting outdoor and having extra storage device for your digital images will be worth it. Apart from the compact flash cards, you can bring your laptop or portable external drive for storing your photographs.

To protect your digital camera from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays, using filters will help. You can use them together with a polarizer to lessen the glare caused by water or white sand and to get sharper images. If you’re into landscape photography, experts strongly recommend using a split neutral density filter.

An external flash should also be your priority. This will help you capture the best images during late afternoon and most especially at night. Normally, your built in digital camera flash is only sufficient for daylight photo sessions and so having an external flash will be most helpful for night shooting.

Don’t forget your batteries and other power source. Keep in mind that your camera as well as y our flash and laptop all rely on batteries which means you need to bring spare batteries, chargers and adapters so you won’t ran out of power.

Another accessory that can help you capture crisp and clear images is the tripod. This will support your camera and keep it steady when shooting in a variety of positions you want. There are small and flexible tripods today with bendable legs while there is also the monopod with only one leg. A bean bag is also often used today to provide steady camera support but if you’re going to shoot while traveling on the road, a window mount is ideal to use.

Tele-converters are helpful as well for wildlife photography. Unlike the more expensive telephoto lenses, a tele-converter can magnify your subject in the same way but at an affordable price. Experts, however, recommend that you get this type of tool with the same brand as your camera and lens.

Finally, bring along your cleaning kit. Remember that you’ll be exposed to dust and dirt while shooting outdoors and you need to clean your digital camera to prevent these tiny particles from entering your device. Your kit should contain a soft cloth, a bulb blower, lens pen and small brush with soft bristles.

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