Product Photography How To: How To Set Up A DIY Desktop Table

Dan Eitreim

April 21, 2015

We perceive things by its appearance. We are surrounded with necessities and demands. We get them in our lives by either buying them or by achieving them in some other way. Products of any nature that we need are sold, marketed, advertised with a strategy. The foremost step in such a strategy is product display. Photography of products is something very essential and have become inevitable in any marketing portfolio.

It’s not only about having a good camera but its also about the technical aspects on how to take a great shot of a product. Why not start by knowing the basic tips on product photography which you can practice at home?


Lighting in a photo is like shading in a painting. Since a painting doesn’t stand out if it’s not shaded well, a photo without proper lighting will not give that wow effect. Professional lights come with assorted shapes and sizes, but initially it may be difficult for some beginners. You can create that effect with home built lamps which are easily available and less expensive items. While taking a photograph of a product, you should check that lighting is evenly spread from all angles on the product. This is called 360 degree lighting. Dark shadows and bright spots on the product should be avoided.


Block colors for backdrops are mainly used now a days. Colors like white, black or any solid color contrasting to the color of a product is usually chosen. This makes the shots stand out, making the image of a product register in our minds. You can always use any item to create a backdrop. It will also help you to edit the photograph if needed.

Focus, Aperture mode, shutter speed

The photograph should have the power to draw attention on the product but not on your backdrop. Product should have a sharp focus and backdrop should be unapparent. It may be cumbersome initially to manage the focal point but with practice, you will get skilled in this technique too.

To get best results, set your aperture to maximum. It will maximize your focus. With this, you might also set the shutter speed to a faster mode. This will enable you to capture the perfect product photograph.


No matter how good of a photographer you are, placing your camera in a tripod will give amazing results which otherwise you may not while free handed. Using tripods will help to avoid having blurs or jolts in your photograph.

Whether its online marketing or retail, products become saleable and understandable only with effective photographs. Magazines, Newspapers, Internet, Social networking sites and many more are all filled with advertisements and promotions of product photos which are so intruding to human minds that it won’t even need a word to describe. Great shots increase sales as well as enhances a company’s professional image.

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