Pregnancy Portrait Photography

Dan Eitreim

August 8, 2015

Pregnancy is one of the most cherishing moments of a woman’s life. This is something that gives every woman an opportunity to nurture a life. The emotions as well as the feelings associated with this stage of woman’s life are transient and it’s a must that a maternity photographer should capture all these beautiful moments. This is where the needs of a maternity photography come into picture. This form of photography is becoming highly popular among expectant mothers all around the world. It is a very innovative and creative way to preserve best moments of your life. However, you should not mistake maternity photography with any other type of photography. Usually, the best maternity portrait starts from the 6th month onwards. However, some women wait till they enter 7th or 8th month of pregnancy so that their bellies look more apt for photography. In case a woman is expecting more than one baby then it’s recommended that the photo shoot should happen at early stages to avoid any sort of stress or complications.

In order to make the maternity photo shoot a success, a woman should take off her garments including tight elastics like undergarments, slacks, socks etc. so that they do not leave any marks on the skirt. Also, avoid applying any lotion or skin on the body as it gives a shiny look to the skin which is not suited for the photography. The tops that are worn for maternity photography should be form fitting especially near the bust line. Oversized clothes will hide the curves or shape of the belly. Also, oversized clothes will look a woman look heavier.

If you want some good pregnancy portraits then you should carry nice and appealing undergarments for you during the photo shoots. As hands as well as feet will play a vital role in establishing the outcome of the shoot, one needs to undergo pedicure and manicure. You can use face blotters and face powders to soften your face and remove the facial oils.

It’s true that there is a natural glow on the face of expecting mother and thus you need not make efforts to bring glow on your face while having a photo shoot. Also, pay attention to the instructions given by the maternity photographer so as to ensure not only that you get best photographs but also the entire photo shoot is successful.

Just follow the simple tips given above and your maternity photography session will surely become a success.

A good maternity photographer can make your shoot even more exciting and memorable. So, look for fine photographers online.

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