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Dan Eitreim

July 29, 2015

When it comes to websites, the last thing you want visitors to do is to simply click on then click off your website. If you are going down the paying for Google AdWords route, you want to make sure they have plenty to read and look at. Put on your weddings (several of them), prices and packages, editorials and competitions won, wedding fayres coming up, any newsletters and other services offered. Keep it up to date and fresh. We cannot stress the importance of this. if you do decide to pay fro AdWords. just be VERY careful – it can run away with you.

Make sure you set up an Opt In Box via an Autoresponder so that you can capture your visitor’s name and email so that you can market to them after they have left your website. You can still market to them after they get married as the next set of photos will be when they have children!Let’s face it, no-one can possibly possess all the skills to run a successful business from the marketing, the selling, shooting the wedding, post digital imaging, accounts, database work, cash flow forecasting etc. And even if you have all these skills, time will not allow you to do so. The ideal is to concentrate on what you are good at. For example, you, as the main photographer, should generally concentrate on the photography itself and the direct contact with clients and the overall business management. Much of the ‘behind the scenes’ administration work may have to rest with you start with but when the business starts to give and money comes in, make sure you farm this out to someone else. At the start, at least get someone else to deal with your book keeping and accounts. Maybe your wife/husband could help or a good friend?

Fifty percentage of a photography business is based on the photography skills and the other fifty percentage is based on good planning, effective marketing and sales techniques, great people skills as well a firm handle on your cash flow and profit and loss forecasts. Hence, do not fall into the trap of thinking that just because you take great photographs, your business will be a steaming success. You have to possess excellent business acumen as well!

You, the photographer, have to have the ability of capturing the true essence of the day from the love, emotion and tenderness to the joy and excitement. You need to be able to relay a story so that in years to come, the couple can still relive their day as if it were yesterday! Done well, this will distinguish you from other wedding photographers.

Also to add credibility to your name, consider becoming qualified via the British Institute of Professional Photographers (BIPP) or via the Master Photographers Association (MPA). The first level that you attain is Licentiateship, followed by Associateship and lastly Fellowship. You can join the BIPP either as a part time or full time photographer and the MPA as an aspiring or full time photographer.

We are a Photography Training Centre called Britain’s Best Photography and run by Elaine Sanderson. We employ top pro tutors such as Annabel Williams, Crash Taylor, Gordon McGowan and Catherine Connor to teach on our courses and we run our courses in elite venues such as Chatsworth House and Gardens, Derbyshire. Please feel free to browse our website and videos!Britain’s Best Photography Website [www.britainsbestphoto.com]VIDEOSBritain’s Best Photography Video 1Elaine Sanderson

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