Pinhole Photography for Kids

Dan Eitreim

April 26, 2015

Kids’ photos are unique, fun and addictive as photography. The best shots are the most enjoyable to take. This is how to enjoy yourself and get good photos as well. The next step is figuring out how to present the pictures properly, and what to do with the huge numbers of photos. Canvas prints allow you to have top quality images, beautifully presented, and even mounted on the wall in designer frames.

Kids and photos

Be prepared, all the time. Keep your camera charged and ready. Kids don’t get dull, and neither do the photo opportunities. At the beach, the playground or in the backyard, they’re a full entertainment network.

You can have pictures of the backyard Test series, the premiership with the clothesline goalposts, and the battle of wits with the kitten in the garden. It’s all beautiful camera material, and it deserves to be recorded.

Those moments

The really special moments are fortunately often the ones you can plan for in advance. Birthdays, bicycles, first day at school, it’s a big list, and these are also times when kids are pretty self conscious when having their picture taken.

Well, they’re self conscious until they figure out what they can do with the photos, anyway. If you want fun, let kids loose with photos, particularly of themselves. Explain to them that they can have big canvas pictures of themselves, and watch the fun. (Keep a copy, just in case.)

Kids as media producers

Kids on videos, provide great stills. Using video means you can edit the stills effectively, and get the exact shots you want. It also doesn’t interrupt the kids, which will be much appreciated.

Note: You need to see what shots like this can look like on canvas, to appreciate the possibilities. You can achieve pictures you really wouldn’t think were possible.

Kids and places

Kids add a lot to holiday snaps without even trying. When they are trying, however, it’s a sight to see. It’s also a sight to remember, and get a good picture.

There are some technical things to keep in mind. Location has a lot to do with kids pictures content. A good wide angle will do wonders. Bright sunlight, like at the beach, may need adjustments. Night shots need to be well organized, so take a test shot before taking the kids pictures.

Working with kids photos on canvas- Image ideas and options

The old days of trying to get a decent kids picture on the wall are gone. Canvas prints have eliminated that problem forever. If you haven’t seen what canvas prints can do before, you’re in for a very pleasant surprise. This is the best mix of high quality presentation and digital art you could wish to see.

For kids’ pictures, you can size, price and work with whole collections on canvas. You can get good quality images and good frames, and find space on walls, because you can control picture sizes, too.

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