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Dan Eitreim

June 9, 2015

Take a look at the blogs you subscribe to or your favorite news site(s). Chances are they are effectively sprinkled with images or photos. Or, alright, not everybody is a reader. Why do you think Twitter is the rage these days? An amazing number of people are registered and using Twitter because it limits your text to 140 characters. A written text can only deliver your message so far before people lose interest and start nodding off. For a more sustainable impact, a business photo (or two) is what you want.

Done right, a photo can illustrate your brand so thoroughly people immediately get the sense of what value you are adding to their lives. It entices, intrigues and draws people to at least inquire more about what you are marketing. A professional business photo also works a lot faster in getting messages across, saving precious time we know is vital in the world of commerce. In this fast-paced world, a picture catches the audience first, more than anything else. A business photo can be an image you add to your power point presentation, the landing page of your website or the company promotional posters.

Online stock photos for a business photo is in abundance. There are sites which offer their images for free and while some other sites charge you a copyright or royalty fee, they are usually of a nominal amount and definitely worth it. Simply do a search using the keywords ‘business photo’, ‘stock image’ or ‘stock photo’.

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