Photo Posing Essentials!
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A pyramid is one of the most solid objects there is, but imagine an upside down pyramid! It isn't very solid - is it? It's likely to tip over at any second, right?
Posing your photo subjects is one of those areas that most of us think belongs only to "Pro" shooters! It isn't! There's actually a LOT to know and using "Pro" posing techniques is one of the fastest ways to take your photos to the next level. The good news is... it's free! This e-book is going to give you a solid foundation in posing. You'll see an improvement in your photos - immediately!
To say that most people look (and feel) awkward when being photographed is a massive understatement - AND - sitting, kneeling and lying down are THE WORST! Now you can not only put them at ease, but you'll create poses that will make them look their best!
Essential Posing Secrets
Posing Mastery - Sitting, Kneeling and Lying Down
How To Pose - Legs!
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It's SO important, almost any discussion of posing tells you to start with the feet and legs - even if they aren't going to show in the photo! Finally, you are going to know not only WHAT to do, but WHY.
It's the same with a photograph! If you don't have a proper base, the whole photograph falls flat!
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Our next MUST HAVE entry in the "Photo Posing Essentials" bundle is...
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Have you EVER been asked the question... "What should I do with my hands"? Do YOU Know EXACTLY what to tell them? Next to out of focus eyes, an effective pose is one of the biggest make or break areas in a photo - and how YOU position their hands is a VITAL element!
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Strategic Posing Secrets - Hands And Arms!
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