Photojournalistic Wedding Photography

Dan Eitreim

July 28, 2015

When you’re planning your wedding, once you’ve found the perfect venue, the next thing on your list will be to search out wedding photographers. Whether you’re dreaming of the ultimate white wedding or a relaxed informal event in a beautiful setting, there are wedding photographers to suit your style and mood. The important thing is choosing a sympathetic photographer that you feel comfortable with, as he or she will be recording the most precious moments of your day for you to remember all your life.

Traditional wedding photography
For a traditional formal wedding, you may be after classic posed wedding photos that show the bride and groom at specific moments of the ceremony, with posed group photographs of the wedding party outside the church or in a scenic venue. If this is what you want, it is important to find wedding photographers who specialize in this style. There is an art to formal wedding photography and you want a professional who will carry it off smoothly, without delaying your wedding schedule or impacting the mood of the day.

Photojournalist wedding photography
Increasingly popular today is the photojournalist style of wedding photography, where the photographer captures your day moment by moment, without set poses. You may decide to record your day all the way from the bride’s preparations and dressing, through the ceremony, the reception and any subsequent celebrations. There is a more intimate feel to this style of photography, so it is important that you feel comfortable with the photographer as a person, as he or she will be following you closely, without being intrusive, all through your special day.

Selecting wedding photographers
In both approaches to wedding photography there are as many styles as there are photographers, so you need to do your research when you are looking for the one that will suit you best. Look at wedding directories that feature wedding photographers in your area and browse through all the entries. Which ones do you connect with? Which ones feature a style of photography that you like? Do you prefer a relaxed, informal feel or a glamorous, fashion photography approach? Go on to look carefully at each website and portfolio and narrow your list down to two or three photographers. Ask for references and speak to couples who have already used their services.

Meet the wedding photographer
Once you have a shortlist, discuss what you are looking for at your wedding with the wedding photographers you have selected, making sure that you meet them in person, so that you get an idea of their personality and whether it will suit you. If they make you feel calm and relaxed and inspire confidence at this meeting, then you are more likely to enjoy having them around on the day itself. A personality clash at this stage is likely to be intensified by the stress of the day, so go with your gut feeling on this. Get a quote so that you can budget for your wedding photography.

Book early
One last thing to consider: good wedding photographers get booked up as quickly as do wedding venues, so you will need to book their services as soon as you have decided on your date and venue. Some people even select and book the photographer before setting the date, just to make sure they get the photographer of their choice.

Once you have chosen and booked one of the professional wedding photographers for your wedding day, you can relax, knowing that your day will be recorded beautifully, so that you’ll have stunning wedding photos to last you the rest of your life.

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