Specialty Photography Series!
Here's A VERY Special - MUST HAVE Specialty Photography Series - 4 Volume Bundle!
Each of these areas of photography requires a SPECIFIC set of skills to get stunning images... Now, you will have them ALL!
This one will show you how to shoot macro subjects and other things that are small but not exactly what you'd call a macro subject.
Landscape Photography is one of those areas that looks really easy - but isn't! There's actually a LOT to know. Once you have this book, you'll be shooting contest winners in no time.
You don't need to trek through the Andes, or penetrate darkest Africa to shoot wildlife! It's everywhere - even in your own backyard or at the local park.
151 Pages!
162 Pages!
89 Pages!
Photographing Landscapes And Nature
Photographing Wildlife
Macro Photography - How To Shoot Tiny Stuff!
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First up in our absolutely vital - MUST HAVE - specialty photography series...
On it's own, this e-book sells for $9.97 - but with this series bundle, you are going to save a bundle!
Our next MUST HAVE specialty photography series essential is...
I think this book offers the most downright fun of any of my works. Like the others...it currently sells for $9.97
It also has sections on shooting still life photos - for those rainy days when you can't go outdoors!
On it's own, this e-book goes for $9.97 - (but not for YOU!)
Our next MUST HAVE specialty photography series essential is...
Read this book and if you ever DO decide to take that trip to Africa, you'll know EVERYTHING you need to know to get amazing photos!
144 Pages!
Our final MUST HAVE specialty photography series essential is...
Written With The Amateur Photographer In Mind - Eventually You Will Want To Make Photographs Of A Vacation Or Travel Adventure. Do YOU Know EXACTLY How To Get STUNNING Images? Ones That You Will Love And Want To Hang On The Wall - FOREVER?
I think this book will grow in value as you learn more and more about photography. Like the others...it currently sells on it's own for $9.97
Travel And Adventure Photography