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Dan Eitreim

February 23, 2015

These days few of us spend as much “quality” time with our kids as we would like… Photography is a terrific way to change that!

While photography is a lifelong learning adventure, there is no age limit as to when you can get started and getting out there with your kids and learning to create something amazing can easily become some of your most treasured times – and memories.

You won’t need a top of the line – all the bells and whistles – camera to get started, just something basic. I recommend getting your kids a camera that will allow for manual settings and for interchangeable lenses, that way their camera system can grow with their skillset. But, if they are too young to be trusted with a more expensive system, or if money is tight, a simple point and shoot camera will be enough to get started and you can get a good one for well under $100.

If your child is too young to understand aperture or shutter speed concepts, start off by getting a book on photo composition. The ideas are easy to understand and can produce some truly amazing photos no matter what type of camera is being used.

If your child is old enough to know how to play tic-tac-toe, they are old enough to understand the rule of thirds! They just have to imagine a tic-tac-toe grid overlaid on the viewfinder! Once they get in the habit of looking for ways to improve their creativity by considering the photo composition, you can move into leading lines, diagonal lines and so on.

You and your children can literally have hundreds or even thousands of hours of quality memories before you even have to consider getting them a DSLR.

Here’s a really great point… Most of the time we spend with our kids may be great, but we aren’t really teaching them anything useful. By undertaking a mutual study of photography, you are actually going to be giving them a skill that can easily be turned into a full or part time income somewhere down the line.

Even if they never have any desire to earn an income with a camera, it is a nice fall-back to have in an emergency.

Even better, if they get in the habit of pre-visualizing an amazing photo and then actually making it happen, the self-confidence and self-worth they will learn not only can but WILL be a life changer. School bullies and etc. have no power over them if they have the self-esteem generated by what they can learn with a camera in hand!

Give it a shot! I think you are in for a lifetime of happy memories!

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