Photography Course on DVD: Wedding and Engagement Poses

Dan Eitreim

June 19, 2015

Lets do the math on what I am trying to explain to you. Lets say you feel that after you shoot a few weddings either for your friends or for another photographer that you are assisting, you still feel that you are not at the point where you can go off on your own and charge 3 or 4 grand to shoot a wedding. Let’s use the example of you getting just the “discount clients”, that want to hire photographers for their weddings under $1000. So you start out with your price at $700 to shoot an entire wedding where you simply put all the images onto a DVD in high resolution so the bride can then go print the images anywhere she likes.

This is a win win deal. Brides love photographers that give them the dvd of wedding images “unblocked”, which means she can print them at any photo shop she likes with no photo release needed from the photographer. And you win because you have to do NO reprint orders or extra work once you hand the bride the DVD of images. You made your money up front and you are done.

Lets say you then book a Friday, Saturday and Sunday wedding at the low fee of $700. This is over $2000 a week!! Wouldn’t you be OK with making $8000 per month pure profit? I feel you are getting the point now! To work only 3 days a week and make $2000 and have the other 4 days off within that week to do as you please in life is …priceless!

This is only the beginning. If you have vision you will then see that down the line, you will give yourself many raises as your skill level climbs. Then once you are at my level of $4000 or more per wedding and only working 2 days a week, that is now $8000 a week and $32,000 a month just to work Saturday and Sunday of each week!

Let me say that again, that is $32,000 a month for working just 8 days out of a month and having 22 days off to still do as you please with your time!

Are you smiling yet? Again, the math is very simple and straight forward. Then you can go even further to where many times you will book a morning wedding at $4000 and that same night you will do another wedding at $4000 which gives you an $8000 day of work!

As you see, it really does not get any better then doing weddings when you are a photographer.
Dominick Jr.

Dominick JR. Photographyhttp://www.dominickjr.com

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