Photographic Cameras: Best Camera For Street Photography

Dan Eitreim

June 19, 2015

Travel and photography are two things that can be good when combined together. Some of the greatest photographs were created in the road mainly because of the boundless possibilities. Every moment is waiting to happen; everything could be a picture perfect moment given the right timing, lighting, depth of field, film ISO, aperture and the right composition.

In traveling, there is no better buddy than to have an analog camera with you. May it be an SLR or a rangefinder from the 60s; an analog camera is the most reliable photo buddy in any given condition. Despite the age of digital photography, there are a lot of photographers who started and ended up loving film photography more than they could ever love digital photography.

Here are a few reasons why you’ll need to try an analog camera even once in your lifetime.

1. Having a Canon AE-1 Program SLR or a Canon QL19 Rangefinder camera can give you the most one of a kind experience out there. Though they are considered to be classic cameras by the digital photographic community, these cameras are durable, reliable and user friendly. The constructions of these kinds of cameras are pretty much similar to how a tank is built. If digital cameras or DSLR cameras can be compared to the models of the 70s, it would look nothing in terms of durability. Besides that, if you happen to be going for a long exposure shot, manual cameras (as long as it is not battery powered) can be left with an open shutter for hours, days, years without suffering any damage to the camera itself. While a DSLR can’t do this for quite too long because of its electronic complexities.

2. Film photography can produce the most vivid photos incomparable to the limited mega pixels of a DSLR. The grain of the film makes things different. Generally, the higher your film ISO rating could go, the grainier the photo could be. If you are shooting in black and white, the grains will add up to the appeal of the photograph making it as “noise”.

3. You can learn more when you are using an SLR and a rangefinder. Once you are fond of metering, you are on your way to become a pro. With things not spoon fed to an analog photography enthusiast; he or she will truly learn the meanings of aperture, ISO, shutter speed, depth of field and composition. The over reliance of people over digital formats made photography a less form of an art than it was back in the day.

John Michael Jayme is a registered nurse who also works as a freelance web copy writer for different companies. With a taste for adventure and a cringe for new places,he maintains a photo & travel blog.

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