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Dan Eitreim

April 6, 2015

So you have decided to buy a Digital SLR camera. Why not, they are amazing!

They have bigger sensors than those small Point & Shoot cameras, which means that quality will be better and there will be less noise when shooting at higher ISO speeds (which we do in low light photography).

Here are 5 important factors that you should consider before purchasing such a camera.

1. Why?

– Why do you need it? What are you going to shoot with it. If you are going to shoot sports then make sure you get a DSLR that has good auto focus and a good number of frames per second (usually 4fps+). If you want to shoot parties or in low light areas, look at those with high ISO speeds and low amount of noise.

2. Price

If these cameras would be 30$ then price would not be so important. But since they start at 400$ and go even higher, you should know where your money is going. Are you ready for it? The advantages are great but then you will have to buy lenses, memory cards, bags, tripods etc. Sure, some people are fine with only one lens but we are all different. Some have less and some have more money.

3. Megapixels (Resolution)

That is what everyone is looking at first. But you know what? For viewing pictures on the monitor, you do not need more than 3 megapixels. Those extra come handy when printing large or cropping a lot. But since today they all have 10MP+, there is nothing to worry about. More will not make your pictures sharper, nicer, crisper or more colorful.

4. Brand

Today, there are two most known brands: Canon and Nikon. But which is better?

None, they both have excellent models. Some are better, some worse. They are both great and if one would not be, it would be off the DSLR scene. Canons do not have sharper photos and photos from Nikon cameras do not have better colors.

5. Features

These are digital cameras, meaning that with every new model, there are new features. Live View, Face Detection and more. We also have video now and quality is excellent.

Having a DSLR is great, but make sure you know to use those advantages!
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