Photo Tips from the Top: Liverpool Photo Workshop with Chris Marquardt

Dan Eitreim

May 28, 2015

Get a Unique Perspective

To take your photos from ordinary to extraordinary, try seeing the subject from a different perspective or shoot from a different angle. After shooting the front of a great architectural building like everyone else, try shooting from the base looking up, or shoot the rotunda or ceiling. Then try shooting from the top of the building or shoot through a window looking at the building sideways. Or from the top of a spiral staircase looking down. Look for elements of design within the frame. Or try shooting your next portrait from on top of a stool or stairway looking down. Or put your kid up in a tree and shoot looking up. Or instead of always having your subject look at the camera and smile, capture them from behind or some other unique angle.

Take your camera off of Automatic!

Don’t shoot on Auto. This is an ‘idiot-proof’ shooting mode. None of you are idiots! First, switch to the ‘P’ or Program Auto setting. This is also an automatic shooting mode, BUT in this mode you can override its behavior in order to make the resulting pictures look even better (ie. lighter, darker, more contrasty, etc). If you want to control your depth of field, shoot on aperture priority (or AV mode) and if you want to control your shutter speed (ex. Faster to capture action and slower to get that flowy waterfall look) shoot on shutter speed priority (or tV mode).

Tell a Story

If you think about the pictures you enjoy looking at most, you will often find that is because they tell some sort of story. Of course, this is easier to do when taking pictures documentary style, such as at a wedding or birthday party. The course of events will naturally tell a story. But each image can have a story to tell. Of course sometimes you just want to capture a likeness, but if you watch carefully, you will notice and capture the moment when your 2 year old blows her first dandelion in wonder or the groom tenderly kisses the bride on the forehead when he thinks no one is watching. And don’t be afraid of staging!

Vanessa Honda is a Huntington Beach Photographer who specializes in wedding photography.

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