Outdoor Portrait Photography Poses

Dan Eitreim

July 26, 2015

Any professional photographer should have a working knowledge of how to properly set up a beautiful and artistic portrait photograph. Portraits can be taken in an indoor studio setting as well outdoors to incorporate the scenic beauty of nature. Outdoor portraits are can be more difficult to take because a photographer has to work with the sunlight and weather conditions. However, professional photographers will be able to adequately judge the sunlight and conditions and use them to their advantage to take stunning portrait shots.

Choosing a backdrop for your outdoor portrait can be easier than it seems. Any contrasting background object, such as a tree or a fence, can provide the right amount of depth and color for a photograph. Any undesirable objects in the landscape should be removed. Under ideal conditions, the sunlight should be coming from behind the subject, usually from the side. The time of day and the angle of the sun can provide different types of shadows for a more dramatic lighting effect.

Your photographer can help you decide on the style and color of clothing to wear that will best capture the mood that you are trying to achieve. Clothes should stand out from the backdrop, but also not be too busy or colorful. Usually, a solid color shirt or dress will work best, depending on whether your portraits will be taken in color or black and white.

Your photographer may want to take a series of pictures with you in a variety of poses and positions. Perhaps leaning against a tree or sitting on a bench. Professional photographers have an eye for composing impressive shots, so be flexible in the types of shots you take. With digital photography, it is easy to try something out and delete photos that you don’t like without having to waste money on extra film.

It is important for a photographer to have your eyes in focus, especially for portrait photographs. The eyes are the most important part of a portrait, as that is where the attention is first drawn when one looks at it. Often times, a portrait will contain eyes that seem to sparkle. Catching a glimmer of light in the subject’s eyes will make the portrait complete.

Portraits can be taken for a variety of reasons. Many new brides have bridal portraits done, in which the subject wears her wedding dress and poses in a variety of settings. These portraits can be breathtaking, and are most often done before the wedding date so the framed portrait can be hung in the reception hall.

Furthermore, families, children and people in the public eye will have their portrait taken by a professional photographer to ensure their picture will be expertly composed and arranged for lifetime viewing. Your portrait will be a visual record of your life at a specific time. Choose the right photographer with professional outdoor portrait experience and you’ll have a photograph that will remain priceless for generations.

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