Outdoor Location Portrait Photography Tutorial

Dan Eitreim

August 11, 2015

Whether situated in Perth or around the world on a family holiday, capturing the perfect family portrait in public surroundings can be tricky. It is necessary to consider all aspects of the shot; from the people within it and the background, to the place and people around you.

The common trap that people fall into when taking a family portrait is not providing a good contrast between the focal point and the background of the shot. The people in your photo are the focal point you are working with, and to draw maximum attention to them it is vital that the background displays a fairly constant pattern or colour without any distracting objects which could steal the eye. A good way to frame your focal point is to look for such things as doorways or arches. This helps place more emphasis on your family and leads to a better picture.

When choosing your background, it is also useful to consider your location. Taking the photo in the middle of a busy site or path may lead to people walking in on your shot, or you inconveniencing a lot of people. Try finding an area that suits the photo you want to take, without having to shoot in difficult circumstances.

The amount of light at the time is also a very important part of your photo. Firstly you should avoid taking the photo in direct sunlight, and the optimum times for outside family portrait photography generally occur at either sunrise or sunset. If you have situated your family in a more shaded position then you should make use of the flash.

You should also make allowances for errors on either your part, or that of your family. If you are using a digital camera, make use of the LCD screen to check for mistakes such as closed eyes. Take multiple photos to eliminate the possibility of you missing a mistake when checking the photo.

By taking these tips into account, you can be assured that your outdoors family portrait photography work will turn out looking both professional and special.

Craig Stewart is a professional photographer and family man situated in Perth with a in depth knowledge of the best ways to capture the perfect family portrait, which he is keen to share with amateur photographers. To learn more about family portrait photographer visit his blog at www.photography-perth.com.au.

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