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Dan Eitreim

April 18, 2015

In order to create the video and images seen in movies, documentaries, and music videos professionals have to fully understand how to work with all film and photography equipment. The educational field provides students with many online options to choose from. Film and photography online career schools offer degree programs as a combined study or a separate one.

The careers that are obtainable with an education in film and photography can have students working in the technical or production side of the industry. Online training is geared towards providing in depth knowledge in:

In an online combined bachelor’s degree program general education is required, which includes science, math, and history. Major courses include: film production, photography, film theory, and audio production. Curriculum in both areas rounds out education allowing students to pursue a wide range of careers. A digital cinematography course examines all the different camera and lighting procedures in filmmaking. Topics include:

Career schools online give students a firm creative, technical, and managerial approach to courses. The major areas of filmmaking are expressed through curriculum designed to teach:

When working through an online bachelor’s program in photography students can expect to learn about the entire industry. This includes:

These accredited online degree options make up the field of film and photography. Accreditation is issued to schools and colleges that provide a quality education. Agencies like the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools (http://www.acics.org) can provide full accreditation to educational programs. Discover creativity by finding a program that coincides with career goals. Students should focus on their goals in order to choose the best program for them.
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