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Dan Eitreim

February 23, 2015

If you’ve got a bit of self-motivation, if you are inspired by the beauty of the world surrounding you and you are passionate about photography, becoming a professional photographer isn’t as far out of reach as you may think. But, first you have to make the decision to be a lifelong student.

One important factor in photography is that we can never know everything. It is a hobby (or profession) that will require constant learning. The good news is that every time you move your photography to the next level, it is as exciting as it was the first time you ever created a good photo. Learning new photo techniques is downright exciting.

While there is no formal degree or training required to become a pro (the ability to get the shot is all that matters), taking photo courses will cut years off your learning curve – and fill in the gaps you might have if you learn it on your own.

Now you have a choice to make… Take a formalized, classroom course or take an online course. There are good points and bad points to each.

Here are a few of the good and bad points…

Good – Online courses are more convenient. You can study whenever it is convenient and you can learn at your own pace. Bad –With a set schedule, you don’t have to be as self-motivated to finish.

Good – With a classroom, you have other students you can bounce ideas off of and a bit of peer pressure to do better. Some students do better with one on one interaction with their teachers and the other students. If you are one of these, a classroom may be your best option. Bad – If you are a fast learner and don’t have any problem with learning on your own, a classroom setting may hold you back and you’ll get bored.

Good – With the costs of cameras, lenses, lighting and everything else, photography is a VERY expensive undertaking! Online courses are much less expensive than an accredited degree program. Your local college or university will charge you many thousands of dollars for that piece of paper. Bad – There is no accreditation or degree associated with an online course. If you are the type of person who really needs a degree to feel good about their skillset, the extra cost of a university may be worth it.

Good – with online courses, you will have access to a wider selection of course offerings and you can take them whenever you want. A college or university may not have such a wide selection – or they may not be offered (or the class may be full) when you want to take that course.

Overall, I think that online photo classes are the best option, but not all students learn the same way. You may consider a classroom to be the optimal choice. Whichever you choose, get started right away. When you see how quickly you start getting amazing photos, you’ll be glad you did.

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