Online Photography Course: Art of Photography – Series Preview

Dan Eitreim

February 19, 2015

When most of us are bitten by the “photo bug” we excitedly get our first camera, throw the manual in the junk drawer and run out and start snapping pictures of everything that moves. We quickly discover that most of them are pretty bad and we would be embarrassed to show them to anyone.

Then we buy an incredibly expensive photo editing program and spend hundreds of hours on our computers trying to figure out how to work it.

That isn’t why we bought a camera! We bought the camera to take pictures, not spend all our free time on the computer trying to learn how to fix them.

What to do?

First – dig the camera’s manual out of the junk drawer! With camera in hand, start on page one and learn everything on it. Then, go to page two and so on. I know the book is written in almost intelligible technogeek, but it is well worth the time and effort. Go one page at a time and it won’t be that hard and you’ll be amazed at how much you learn about your camera. You MUST have a complete understanding of what all the dials, buttons, knobs and switches are for – before you take a formal class.

Second – take some photography lessons. Either in a classroom setting or online whichever is best for you. Online classes require a bit more motivation to complete on your own, but can offer you a better education since you have the leisure of repeating each lesson as often as needed.

Third – Grab your camera and always have it with you. You must practice all the photo lessons and techniques to make them your own. It won’t happen by osmosis.

Fourth – Find someone that can (and will) give you honest critiques on your photos and offer suggestions on how to make them better. True it can hurt our pride a bit to have our favorite photos criticized, but that is how we learn. Don’t lose friends by arguing with them. If you think they are right, you have learned how to make your photos better. If you think they are wrong, just smile and thank them for taking the time to help you. Then just keep doing it the way you were doing it before.

If you join your local camera club, you can find plenty of knowledgeable people that want to help you! Soon your photos will be winning the local contests!

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