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Dan Eitreim

February 19, 2015

When choosing the best online photography course, you first need to decide what you are hoping to gain! Is your goal to eventually become a professional photographer? Do you simply want to improve your general photo skills so that your hobby is more fun and rewarding? Or, are you looking to finally master that one specific technique?

Clearly, photo classes are not a one size fits all and choosing the right course for your objectives is important.

If you are planning to become a “pro” you will want the best courses you can find. It’s also a good idea to sign up for a professional school that offers accreditation and photography degrees. While having a degree is not that important (getting the shot is all that counts) if you do have one, it shows that you are at least proficient as a photographer and can open a few doors. Don’t forget to take some classes in business management and accounting so you will have the skills necessary to be able to run a studio.

The biggest drawbacks to these types of courses is that when you add the word accredited to a course, they also add huge fees.

Unaccredited Online courses can offer the same quality of education for a lot less cash and are a viable option if all you want is a good photo education and aren’t concerned with diplomas and other pieces of paper that say you have “arrived”.

If your goal is not to become a pro, but to learn enough to make your hobby more fun and fulfilling, online courses and e-books will do the job admirably. By the way – check out my e-book course…Just go to Amazon and search for the term “Online Photo Training by Dan Eitreim” it is a series of e-books. Each one builds on the previous lessons, but can also stand on their own if you just want to learn that specific subject.

My e-books are meant to be read on a Kindle reader, but Amazon offers a FREE app where you can read them on your computer, tablet, phone and so on… Just look around on the same page the book is on and you should find a link to get the app.

Books To Buy Online

If you are one of those “old fashioned” people (like me) and find that there is no substitute for holding a physical book in your hands, you can find hundreds of them on Amazon as well.

All the books and e-books offered on Amazon will have reviews from previous readers and can give you a feel for the quality of the book. Be careful about bad reviews. If there are a lot of them (as a percentage of the overall number of reviews) you may want to move on to a different book. If there are a small number of bad reviews, keep in mind that EVERY book in the world has readers that didn’t like it. Also, with the anonymity of the computer world, many people write bad, hateful things – just because they can – most of the time, they haven’t even bothered to read the book. If there are just a few bad reviews, that is probably what is happening.

Learning photography on your own can be more difficult since you have to have the self-motivation required to actually do the coursework. But it can give you a better education since you can repeat unclear lessons as often as you want. You are guaranteed to understand every concept.

Give it a shot and I think you will see yourself cutting years of your learning curve and will start winning photo contests sooner than you may think.

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