Nikon Camera Tutorials: Photography Tutorial Nikon D3100 D7000

Dan Eitreim

May 29, 2015

These days, anybody can be a photographer. But in a way, it still depends on whether or not these aspiring photographers have the right camera to use. Because in the end, no matter what kind of picture you take, the quality will still depend on how much your camera can cope with the imagery. No doubt, a digicam is a good find for any picture. But it is not what you want to have if you want to start capturing the best images possible. You need something bigger and a lot more advanced in a way. You need the Nikon D7000 Digital SLR Camera.

How often have you heard of cameras providing the best kind of quality in the market? Have you ever seen a camera brand that fulfilled everything its meant to do and more? Of course, the answers to these questions would be a resounding no. But in this case, one cannot deny the fact that the Nikon D7000 is set to make every other digital SLRs out there feel ashamed. And of course, this is not that surprising anyway. Nikon is known to provide the best, top-notch quality cameras out there. The Nikon D7000 is built from that same consistent mold.

Start with the image quality. One thing that you have to be surprised about is the kind of imagery that this camera can produce. It boasts of a high resolution 16.2 MP DX-format CMOS sensor, a 2,016-pixel RGB sensor for 3D color sensors and the six frames per second continuous shooting makes each click of this camera worthwhile. And it is not just in the picture department that the Nikon D7000 excels. It also has the capabilities of capturing 1080p HD videos that can have Full Time Autofocus every time the camera films a movie. And with each picture that you take, the processing time is clearly something that you have to love. Because of the EXPEED 2 image processing and 14-bit A/D, you absolutely get the quality that is due for the photo in a matter of seconds. Another thing that you have to love about the Nikon D7000 is that it can capture photos with the slightest detail intact thanks to the Dynamic ISO range that ranges from 100 to 6400. Then there’s the Active D-lighting that gives the proper amount of light and shadowing without you having to move it on your own.

Picture quality is only a part of the equation for the Nikon D7000. For this camera, its all about providing all the viewing and editing possibilities even before you start connecting it via an HDMI cable to the computer. The 3-inch 921,000-dot Super-Density LCD Monitors offers clear view of the pictures while the picture control applies the flexibility necessary for your photograph to be in its right place. The Nikon D7000 also has features that allow it to be quite strong and durable from all kinds of exterior shock. The Magnesium alloy ensures a strong yet flexible cover for the more sensitive areas of the camera.

I have had a keen interest in digital photography for the past few years. I recently replaced my old DSLR with a Nikon D7000 [www.nikond7000.co.uk] and have had great fun with it. It is a camera I can strongly recommend and I have written a few tutorials to help you get up to speed.

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