Night Photography Tips for DSLR USERS

Dan Eitreim

February 28, 2015

Pictures taken in the night are what is meant by Night Photography.Using the available light we can take very beautiful pictures using a good camera. Digital cameras of today have settings specifically for night photographs. Professional photographers don’t rely on these settings though. They play around and find out what works best for them.

Taking pictures after dusk are a little complex and need some learning to do. Unskilled photographers can mess up the pictures and we don’t want to miss out on special events do we? Whether it be a marriage, or party or a picnic, photographs are one of the best ways to treasure those moments.

1900’s saw Alfred Stieglitz and William Fraser renowned photographers started taking pictures at night. So this concept was not introduced today. It has been there and people have managed to make do what little they had.

While working at night, make sure you use the Long exposure. So what is Long Exposure? Long exposure will make your shutter to be kept open for a longer time.

How does the digital camera take the photographs at night?

1) Optical images are converted to an electric signal by the image sensor.

2) Camera tubes were used previously. Nowadays CCD or Charged Coupled Devices are being used.

Types of color sensors

There are various kinds of color sensors including:

Bayer sensor – low cost

Foveon X3 sensor


All said and done, photography at night requires a lot of learning, patience. As we take mre and more pictures we tend to get better at it. Give yourself sometime and do ot rush into it.

Night Photography is a skill which will help you enhance your photography skills. If you are interested in exploring nikon digital photography you can take a look at Nikon digital photography. Here is one more cool link for Olympus lovers Olympus digital photography.

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