Metering Modes: Canon Digital Photography Tutorials for Beginners

Dan Eitreim

April 13, 2015

Since the debut of the digital camera over 30+ years ago, technological advancements since then have produced cameras that are a lot smaller, more flexible and powerful, at prices that are more convenient to the general public. For instance, as time and technology progresses, the image sensors on digital cameras are being equipped to detect more and more mega pixels which only mean sharper detail in photographs. Also in recent years the digital camera has made its way to becoming a standard feature on most cellular devices. As for film cameras, they are slowly but surely becoming obsolete with companies such as Kodak, Canon, and Nikon ceasing production on these devices in the recent times.

Digital photography by definition is a photographic method that stores images digitally for later reproduction along with the ability to manipulate photographs via computer. When considering digital photography in relation to film photography we must first take a look at its advantages. For one, digital cameras provide instant feedback via viewfinder which gives users the ability to adjust the focus, lighting and other features to ones preference and to correct any mistakes quickly. Another advantage to digital photography would be that since the images are on hand you can create your own prints and print only the images that you want to keep, which in turn saves time and money. As far as the matter of saving time and money, one of the main advantages to digital photography would be the convenience of storing images to a memory card versus a roll of film since one memory card can hold as many images as a dozen rolls of film.

When taking into consideration the flexibility and convenience of digital photography over film photography you realize how much more it complements peoples busy schedules and tight budgets. So for the most part digital photography improves while film photography fades as time moves forward.

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