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Dan Eitreim

August 5, 2015

Snapshots and casual photographs are the bulk of most family photo histories. Rarely, when presenting family albums later on, do most parents and children find a complete history of every member through portraits. The obvious reason for this is that a single member or two of the family is the usual photographer and is not included in the photos. Most photo albums have strong representation of some members and very little representation of others. If you want to have a more complete photo history for your family you will need to go out of your way to see that professional portraits and other special event portraits are consistently included in your growing family’s photo albums.

Portraits by Professional Photographers

While portraits by professional photographers are going to be more expensive than photos you are able to capture with your own camera, they are worthwhile additions to a family’s photo albums. One easy way to get regular portraits taken is to get into the habit of having holiday portraits of the family every holiday season. These photos will include everyone and are generally of better quality than the impromptu photos most of us use to capture daily family life with our personal cameras. In photography studio the ideal lighting conditions, lovely backdrops, and interesting props are all there to help the photographer create portraits that will be honored family keepsakes. Copies of these treasured photographs should be kept in family photo albums but they may also be used as meaningful decor in your home. Have your favorite portraits put in picture frames and they you will be able to display them on tabletops, shelves, and mantles.

Special Event Photography

Another important time to get in the habit of taking family portraits is during family trips and vacations. As stated earlier, most vacation photos are taken by family members so it is not uncommon to have people missing from these types of photos. To be sure your albums are complete you will have seek ways to get photos of the entire family together. One great way to do this is to take advantage of many tourist destinations who sell family portraits at their properties at an affordable price. This is the perfect opportunity to capture everyone in your family at an event where everybody is having lots of fun. Another way to do this is to simply ask a stranger at one of these locations to use your camera to take a photo including everyone in the family. Some people may be hesitant to trust a stranger with their camera, but, for the most part, people at special events and places are very happy to assist your family in capturing a treasured family portrait. Some families even choose to commit one whole shelf to various family vacation photos that have been placed in picture frames as a display.

Collages of Photographs

Another idea for making sure every family member is included in a photo history, is to arrange a photo collage. Most families have shoe boxes full of great snapshots that simply don’t include every family member. Now you can use those photos by arranging a selection of them in which every family member is represented as a collage, making a single display. This is the perfect method for including special event, holiday, and even everyday snapshots representing every family member. Additionally, a collage of photos can be a more artistic and creative than simply framing an individual photo. It is also possible to find picture frames which are specifically designed for the purpose of creating photo collages.

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