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Dan Eitreim

August 19, 2015

Photography is every wedding’s integral part. Photography is the way you can capture the moments of your wedding in a beautiful way. Only a good professional can help you get photos that narrate your wedding’s story. Hence, photography deserves some investment. However, spending money only will not make sure that you will get great pictures. You should work a bit hard to find the right photographer who understands your tastes and captures all the special moments. This article lists down the factors you should consider when searching for a professional wedding photographer for your big day.

The first thing to look at is the portfolio of the professional. If his portfolio does not look appealing, avoid the professional. Look at the pictures of many complete weddings in which the professional has taken photos. All professionals present only the best pictures in their portfolio. Therefore, do not think that the portfolio represents the photographer’s quality of work correctly. Taking pictures in a wedding takes the entire day, and involves different photography styles like photojournalism, portraiture and still life. When looking at a portfolio, notice two things – technical ability and style. Make sure that his style will represent our wedding well. The pictures should show good technical ability, such as crisp and well-lit images and composition that evokes emotions.

The photographer will spend a lot of time with you. Hence, he should have a polite and pleasant nature. He should listen patiently and carefully to whatever you say and try to understand our views and opinions. He should also give you his own opinions about photography styles and other aspects.

Personal Attention:
Make sure that the professional you hire is the one who will do the photography during your wedding. Sometimes, photographers send their assistants to do the job, if they are busy. Talk about this in advance and clarify that you need him to do the work. Before the ceremony, sit with the professional and discuss about any unusual circumstances and how to handle them. Customize the list of shots and review the itinerary during the discussion. Enquire whether he will offer any follow-up after the ceremony or not.

Ask for references from the professional from the people for whom he has photographed earlier. Contact those people and find out whether they received satisfactory services or not.

Backup Systems and Equipment:
Make sure the photographer brings extra equipment and backup. In case of any damage to his equipment, he will use the extra one to do the work properly. Do not hire a professional who says that he will not bring any extra equipment on the wedding day.

Contracts protect the professional as well the customer. A good contract has all the terms and conditions, and both parties sign it showing their agreement. If a photographer does not have a contract, avoid hiring him.

There are thousands of professionals out there who say that they specialize in wedding photography. By considering these factors, you can find the right photographer who can create the best possible wedding album for you.

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