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Dan Eitreim

August 4, 2015

A lot of people have begun to take an active interest in photography. Some have even fallen in love with it – transforming their hobby into either a part time job or a full time business. It is true that you can earn a nice living as a professional photographer. But you must also be willing to invest in the tools and resources that will improve your skills in photography.

Perhaps you too have been thinking about joining the photography industry. Imagine capturing life at its fullest and then sharing that image with the rest of the world, either in print or online. It is amazing! That is why a lot of people have grown to love photography. You get to capture the essence of life and create a visual print that will last a lifetime.

Photography is composed of two scientific processes. One is called optical and the other one is called chemical. The dark room was once referred to as Camera Obscurra and it has been in existence for a very long time. During 1519, a drawing by Leonardo da Vinci came out that depicted the traditional dark room.

Photography in its early years had its own detractors and critics. There were people saying that it would take artist jobs away and so on. But of course, that didn’t happen. There are so many successful artists even now that use photography as its own art form or to enhance another art form.

Photography wasn’t always hi-tech. In the not so distant past, there weren’t too many gadgets that you could stick onto your camera to enhance your shot-taking skills. Nowadays, there are lenses designed for very specific situations as well as remote flash systems, filters, and built-in photo editing software.

Believe it or not, the term photography started during 1839. Sir John Herschel was the man behind the name. The terms that make up the word photography comes from two Greek words: Photos (means “light”), and Graphein (means “to draw”).

Put them together it means “to draw in light”. The term stuck, and has become a permanent part of our vocabulary. According to historians, the basic technology of photography has been around a very long time. The first photograph ever taken took place in 1827 by Joseph Niepce, a French Inventor. The procedure took eight hours to complete one photograph!

Before dying a few years later, Sir Joseph Herschel was able to partner with Louis Daguerre who was from Paris. Louis was experimenting with various method of photography. In the year 1833 Sir Joseph died of a stroke, leaving all documentations of the experiment as well as the technology to Louis Daguerre. Louis then continued the hard work required to improve the technology Daguerre had created.

Louis Daguerre was able to reduce the exposure time to less than 30 minutes. As he continued on improving the technology, he was joined by Niepce’s son who documented a manual of the entire process called Daguerrotype and sold it to the French government. The method became quite popular and eventually found its way to New York City.

Although successful, the Daguerrotype had limitations. One was that it was a bit expensive and it wasn’t possible to create duplicates. So somewhere along the lines of history, the Calotype was introduced and has proven to be a tough competitor. William Henry Fox was the inventor of the Calotype. He is also the inventor responsible for producing the first negative in the year 1835. His method continued to improve in quality. By 1840, Talbot used the method to publish a photo book in 1844. The rest, as they say, is history!

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