Learning Wedding Photography: Follow Damien & Julie On A Genuine Wedding!

Dan Eitreim

August 15, 2015

So you decided that you want to start a path in the world of digital wedding photography. But where in the world do you even begin. You can not just simply jump into any wedding and start snapping photos away. You have to learn the proper way of taking the photo, processing the photo, and then deliver the photo to the proper friends and family members of your client. For the moment of this short article, will focus on the basics to of learning and promoting your new hobby or business in this field.

First, you will need the right camera for the right job. Obviously, the title says ‘digital’, so you will need to find a very good digital camera. This will greatly depend on your situation, or how you will do your style in your wedding photography. Are you the type of person where you will be traveling a lot? Then consider getting a heavy duty digital camera that will withstand a lot of shock and drops. The last thing you will want to pay for is another expensive camera, that may potentially have a devastating impact on your budget. If you will be mostly be doing your business in town most of the time, then just a really reliable, yet functional, camera will be a good start for you. As your expertise and business takes off, your will use your excess funds to upgrade your camera or purchase of a new one.

Next, have a really good performing computer on your side. This computer needs to be able to withstand the magnitude of handling intense software applications. The software for handling the process of your photos will, again, depend on your needs. Once you have the right software to start out with, you will be better able to handle more photos on your PC.

Lastly, determine how you will deliver the pictures. If the client wants just the pictures in bulk, have a decorated box to put them in. If they want an album book, ask them want kind of design do they want and what size they want. Again, this will be up to you on how you want it delivered.

With these few basics tips, before you know it, you will be a professional in this career. So get started and good luck!

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