Learning to Use Digital Camera: Digital Camera Hack!

Dan Eitreim

May 15, 2015

Digital photography has come a long way since it was introduced. It is known that digital photography evolved from NASA program and the first truly digital camera was known to be the DS-IP developed by Fuji during 1988. Since then, manufacturers have refined their technology and introduced various cameras into the market which include the point and shoot camera you have today.

Point and shoot cameras are also known as the compact digital camera. They got the name because they were designed to be lightweight, compact and easy to use (often just point to the subject and shoot the picture). These cameras are usually affordable for the consumers as they lack the sophistication of the professional DSLR camera.

Although these cameras are the cheapest among digital cameras, manufacturers certainly don’t take the consumers for granted. You can see that the manufacturers nowadays are putting more and more features into these cameras so that more people will join the hobby. This doesn’t just make digital photography more enjoyable for the public but also make it worth their money.

And to make things even better, manufacturers have made compact digital camera that are able to record video and sound. Now, you can use your point and shoot camera as a camcorder, record your own video and view it on TV. Although your video quality might be less perfect than a real camcorder, it is still a good investment to get two functions with one payment.

Although compact digital cameras are fun to have, sometimes you might not find the right camera due to its frequent upgrades. Since you know that manufacturers constantly release new digital camera to the market, you should look at your need when you are choosing your camera.

When you are not planning to change your camera anytime sooner, you should get a higher end point and shoot camera so that it will last you longer. When you have no idea of how to choose your compact digital camera, you should get a professional to help. Consider the professional opinion so that you don’t pay now and have to spend on a new camera a few months later.

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