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Dan Eitreim

January 27, 2015

Here’s some good news and some bad… Because of the digital camera revolution, everyone thinks they are a pro photographer simply because they are able to take a thousand shots and then spend hundreds of hours in Photoshop “fixing” them until they get a good one.

Finally, they upload their picture to the internet and get all the praise and accolades their picture deserves. That’s the good news. The bad news is – can you really say you are a good photographer after going through all that? I think not.

But, if you have enough passion for photography to go through all that rigmarole, you actually have what it takes to be a pro! You just need some training…

Photography School

If you have a love of photography and dream of becoming more artistic – or even a professional – you should definitely consider going to a photography school, taking a few classes, or at least reading some good books on the subject.

Fortunately you can find all of them online!

You’d be surprised at how little difference there is between a good amateur and a professional photographer. With your classes, you’ll soon learn what types of photography you like and are the best at, and you’ll quickly learn the skillset needed to make a living at it if that is what you desire.

What You Should Learn From A Good Photography School

You’ll be taught how to use your camera properly, the best settings, lenses, stances and so on for various situations.

You’ll quickly learn the difference between various types of cameras, lenses, flashes – and when and how to use each to best show your subject.

You’ll learn various photography techniques that will work best to best capture the images in any particular type of photography.

You’ll learn to understand and master the rules of composition – and when to break them.

You’ll learn to tell the difference between a snapshot and a truly creative shot and learn to apply the necessary creative photo concepts.

You’ll study the uses of color and how to use them to “wow” your viewers and actually manipulate their emotions.

You’ll learn that color isn’t always the best option and when to use black and white.

You’ll also learn how to pre-visualize the outcome and KNOW what your desired outcome should be – before you actually take the picture.

These are just the tip of the iceberg of the things you’ll learn. If you have been bitten by the “photo bug” why not check out a photo class or two? What have you got to lose?

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