Landscape Photography Tutorials:Processing A Landscape HDR Photo With Adobe Camera Raw

Dan Eitreim

April 13, 2015

Beautiful landscapes are certainly a thing to behold. Whether you’re taking photographs of a beautiful sunset as the sun dips over the horizon, or even a spectacular snow-swept landscape — you need to have the right techniques in order to ensure that the photographs you take come out right. Technique is everything in landscape photography.

Needless to say, it all boils down to being able to control your camera in order to start taking photographs that look exactly the way you want them to look. One of the most common techniques of landscape photography is to use long exposures. Because you’re generally taking photographs of things that are ‘static’, you needn’t worry about anything moving mid-exposure. Also, with slower shutter speeds you can afford to use smaller apertures and truly enhance the depth of field of your pictures.

Of course there are other tricks to landscape photography as well.

In time, and with practice, you’ll start to notice just how different angles could enhance the portrayal of the landscapes that you’re taking photographs of. Also, you’ll find that using different focal points can provide amazingly different perspectives — but that is something that you’ll need to experiment with in order to fully appreciate.

End of the day, you’ll find that if you are able to pull off landscape photography well, it will act as a strong foundation for you to explore other types of photography. Granted, the techniques may not be exactly the same but the knowledge will still be immensely beneficial.

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