Landscape Black And White Photography

Dan Eitreim

July 5, 2015

Landscape Photography is the type of photography that we make when we go touring the country. Many of us do it when we go on long trips involving nature, but it’s also relevant when it comes to taking pictures of places around our regular life.

However, while most people know pretty well how to make photos of people and close objects, making landscape photos is usually harder and more demanding in terms of technique and experience.

In this post, I’ll give you 6 basic but useful tools that you have to make your photos look as breathtaking as they can be. Of course, quality is in the eyes of the beholder, and yet you can always distinguish professional photos from the rest.

Of course, our only source of light when it comes to landscape photography is the sun, so we always depend on it.

What we still can control is the time of the day on which we make the shootings. Before making a photo – always prepare and decide what kind of light you want for it. Sometimes bright can be best, and sometimes it’s the opposite.

The Sky
Skies can make a real difference in landscape photography. When we mention the “sky”, it mainly means the clouds in it.

The sky often takes 25%-50% of the view, so you should definitely take care of it too. And of course – if there is nothing unique up there – try to focus on the ground.

Landscape photos many times tend to be boring and “dead”, so it’s a good idea to insert some motion into them. The motions can the clouds flying, water streaming or animals moving.

This feeling of motion is achieved by low shutter speed. It’s important to use a tripod to prevent the camera from moving. In cases there is too much light, we’ll use and ND filter that reduces the amount of light.

Filters are there to improve your photos, and especially your landscape ones. The Polaraizer filter will give us dark skies and neutralize reflections when we don’t need them.

ND filters will give us gradual light exposure. And there are many others that it’s important to learn about and try if you want to make your photos perfect.

Black and White
Black and white photos are reborn now. B&W are considered unique and artistic because they show us the world in a way that we don’t see with our eyes.

Previously, we didn’t like black and white because it didn’t give us the real picture. But today we don’t want to see the reality in a picture, because we can easily see in by ourselves. We want to see something special and different – and that’s what black and white photography gives us.

The Angle
The last tool that you as a photographer have is the angle of your photo. This reminds me of a trip I was on once, in order to make some Capitol Reef Pictures.

Now, the Capitol Reef has so many photos done every year, and I simply had to bring some special angle about it. So that’s exactly what I did: I took a helicopter and I made a photo from above. It had to involve some strong stability efforts from the pilot, but I brought in very good shootings just by using a new angle for the photo.

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