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Dan Eitreim

August 13, 2015

Top Family Portrait Ideas #1 – Even Lighting

Light plays a very important role at making a family portrait photo work. It is best that you as a photographer can get even lighting for your shot. However, there are situations where getting even lighting is pretty impossible.

The best time for a group photo with even lighting is to conduct family portrait photograph early in the morning (around 8am) and during the early evening (5.30pm). Light during these times are soft, warm, and most importantly flattering.

Make sure that everyone’s eyes in the photo appear looking sharp. You should also be sure to have their faces lit with even lighting.

Top Family Portrait Ideas #2 – Create a Sense of Depth

If you are conducting your family portrait photography indoors, then you should use a flash. Otherwise, you can opt for natural lighting from windows which tends to give a much softer lighting.

Here are some tips you can use; furniture arrangement should be in a right-angled manner towards the window where the soft light is coming from. Get your subjects to be seated closer towards the window. To add a sense of depth into the family photo using shadows and highlights, try to get the light from the window to be slightly off to one side.

Another method you can implement to add depth into your family photo and to make your subjects stand out, photograph them where at one side, light is coming from a 45° angle. At the other side however, use a white cloth or white cardboard so that light is reflected.

If you are conducting the family portrait photography attempt outdoors, one thing you can do is to look for shades that can provide your family photo an even spread of light.

Top Family Portrait Ideas #3 – Get Them Close To One Another!

A beautiful family photo is created when everyone gets close to one another. This is simply because a sense of unity, intimacy and closeness is created. Make sure everyone in the family photo minimizes the gap between one another.

Another important tip you can do is to encourage the subjects of the photograph to touch the person near them. For instance, mother hugs father, second sister’s arm leans onto bigger brother’s shoulder and aunt carrying the little baby in the family. A little bit of body language helps to convey emotions from the family photo to its viewers.

You can direct your subjects so that they do not stand in a straight line so that the family photo does not look too formal. Get them to stand at an angle where their bodies will have to slant just slightly towards one another. Otherwise, you can try to have them arranged in a triangular, zig zag or diamond formation.

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