How to Use Your Digital Camera as a Webcam

Dan Eitreim

March 25, 2015

If you have a passion for photography or at least you are drawn to it, you may be a prime candidate to learn how to make money with a digital camera. Chances are, you’ve taken a few shots that you thought other people would like. The positive side of owning a digital camera is that just about anybody can make money using it with some photography skills. Even the lowest end digital cameras can still take excellent shots worth selling. You do not need to be a skilled professional photographer to make some cash using your digital camera. You also certainly do not need any expensive photographic tools.

All you require to become a money making machine with digital camera is enthusiasm, practice and an active imagination. You can practice taking pictures by taking photos of anything you can see, from buildings, animals, vehicles, people and landscapes. This also enables you to familiarize yourself with your digital camera and feel confident when using it. Once you are confident, it is now time to learn the various methods of how to use your camera to make money.

1. Shoot property photographs

Real estate agents have realized the need to advertise property to attract potential clients. You can make money taking property photographs for real estate agents during the peak selling season which normally takes place during spring. Photographers can make up to $60 per shot on the lower side and $800 per day on the high end property market. Knowledge of photo editing software like Photoshop is very essential. You can start a website to help you get prospecting clients.

2. Take pictures while you are on holiday

Shooting breathtaking exciting locations while you are on holiday offers many examples to recover the costs. You could start a specialist photo holiday and request other people to pay to accompany you to a photogenic location. You can also take pictures of hotels, restaurants, people, campsites and the locations you visited and these photos can be marketed to the management of the places you stayed. They can use the photos to update their brochures and catalogs.

3. Selling photos to online image libraries.

If you specialize in taking random shots of landscapes, flowers, animals and off the grid destinations, your pictures have the potential to earn you loads of money. Make money with a digital camera by uploading your images to stock libraries like Getty, Alamy or Corbis, as this exposes your photographs to a wide selection of clients. These libraries will sort out contracts and licensing of the photos. You only need to upload and sit back and watch your money grow. You also stand a higher chance of earning thousands of dollars if an individual wants an exclusive image licensed.

4. Start a class.

You can use your digital camera to offer lessons how to shoot exquisite photos. Teaching your camera skills can be both a well-paying and a rewarding hobby. You only have to locate institutions offering photography courses and request them to give you a job. This can often translate into a high paying hourly job.

5. Start a photography workshop

Planning a workshop is a bit hard at the beginning, but once you get the photos and exposure you need, organizing a workshop becomes a walk in the park. Competition in the photography world is very tight, it is important to identify your niche and stick to it.

Take these tips into consideration so you can use your digital camera to make money and have a blast while doing so. It’s always a great feeling to get paid for doing something that brings you great joy and allows creativity to flow.

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