How to Use DSLR: How to use Autofocus in your DSLR

Dan Eitreim

June 23, 2015

How can I say this is not a DSLR era? Yeah, nowadays everyone spending their free time with their own DSLR cameras. Here are some tips and tricks to take awesome portrait photos using a DSLR machine.

Try to get a good lens for your DSLR camera
When you are thinking to buy a DSLR go for Nikon or Cannon in my opinion. And give the fist priority to your Lens instead of camera. For better portrait quality go and get a 50mm lens. Do not go lower than that. Because it really approximates what human see in real life. Do want to keep your subject in focus. Use shallow depth of field.

You must consider some factors before start shooting
1. Angle
2. Location & Light
3. Background and Materials in the object
4. Color

It is much easier to take photos with your DSLR when it pointed directly at the object. Better be creative with your angles. Do not make so much changes because it may output you some awful images. So do some slight variations in the actual angle. The next important thing is the location you choose for shooting. If you want to add some shadow effects in your photos you must be more careful about lights unless it will be flooded with unpleasant shadows. Sometimes black and white photos are more effective than color photos. Please be aware of colors even though you are going to take a black and white portrait photo. Keep concentrate on the objects faces and edges so you can deliver the image with awesome quality.

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