How to use a digital compact camera

Dan Eitreim

March 27, 2015

These days, many parents are choosing to watch over their home and their child care giver through the use of spy hidden cameras. A spy camera is easy to install and doesn’t cost that much nowadays either. It’s as simple as using your cell phone or turning on a dial.

Choosing Home Spy Cameras

You first have to choose among various spy hidden cameras to pick an appropriate one. These can be found disguised as many regular home items like clocks, pens, radios, or even a stuffed toy. You can also read up on reviews on the types you like. Some of these home Spy Cameras record the events on a SD card or other portable recording media. Some may even act like a monitor so you can see what is happening in real time.

Software for Camera

Each type of spying camera comes with special computer software so you can load it on your computer and be able to do things like control the camera remotely, record video, and then play it back on your computer. When you choose a camera, make sure it has the software features that you desire.

Decide Where to Locate the Camera

An important factor is to know where to locate your home Spy Cameras so the nanny won’t know it is there. This depends on what it is disguised as. For instance, if it is a clock, you can just hang it on the nursery wall or wherever you want to monitor her. If it is a stuffed toy, then maybe put it on the toy shelf. When you are considering spying on the nanny, you need to take into consideration where you want to do the monitoring so you can pick the most appropriate among the many spy hidden cameras.

Before you bring into use one of the spy hidden cameras, you must first decide you wish to spy someone. Are you really sure that nanny is not taking care of your child, or are you just spying for fun. Installing only one camera may not always give you the real truth. You may just watch a clip of 1 minute and think that nanny is taking care of your baby properly. However, there is something which took place in the other room, where there was no camera, because of which the nanny reacted in a particular manner. To know the real truth, it is always advised to use several home spy cameras, if you actually want to spy the nanny successfully.

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